I appreciated the opportunity to take some time off recently and visit with my family. We decided this year to have our family time at Colonial Williamsburg. This is a place where you walk the streets learning about the history of America during the period of the signing of the Declaration of Independence for our freedom.

The First day we went to a program welcoming us to the city of  Williamsburg while explaining the significance of the city historically. The play was of a woman who while walking the streets in front of the Courthouse met a gentleman from the 1770’s. The narrator helped the present day woman understand how characters were portraying early Americans and their fight for freedom. They spoke of the “American Enduring spirit” and how history is still writing the story of our America.

I found the play fascinating but the words “American enduring    spirit” really spoke to me. The concept was about how America has survived and thrived through its wonderful history. Interestingly enough, the presentation and the words “American enduring spirit” were being spoken as hurricane Florence was getting ready to crash ashore in NC.

Yes, America has an enduring spirit as we have faced many trials in our history. Part of our history includes slavery and they acknowledged this is not a part to be proud of but it is something we should learn from. They shared how we needed to learn from our history and not ignore it otherwise it has been stated we will repeat it. It is from such a history that we can learn of this enduring spirit.

This spirit also lives on in our story today. We realize and come together when such things as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. have impacted our brothers and sisters. There are many who are facing terrible destruction from Hurricane Florence but there are also many who are responding to their needs. Yes, the need is great and so is the opportunity. Once again, we have the opportunity to show not only American enduring spirit but God’s merciful love and forgiveness. What opportunities do you see where you can share with others and be part of the story – the story of redemption?

For His Glory Alone,  Pastor Bryan